Welcome to the RoyaltySource® IP Data Guide

At RoyaltySource®, we maintain a database of intangible property licenses that report a royalty rate. These benchmarks are used in valuation, license negotiations, and transfer pricing assignments. Here in the RoyaltySource IP Data Guide, we will offer some insight, frequently asked questions, and proposed solutions offered over the past 20 years from RoyaltySource.
What is royalty rate upfront fee?
We know that a combination of the upfront fee and royalty rate is representative of a deal's economics and, as such, we search the source documents for some indication that an upfront fee exists. No, not all royalty rate licenses include an upfront fee. If a fee exists and is revealed in our source document, we report it. If we discover that an upfront fee exists, but the amount is not revealed, we mention it in the text of our abstract.

Please be aware that some licenses may have an upfront fee but if the information was not included in source of information, we would not know it and therefore would not be able to detail that information in our results.