Welcome to the RoyaltySource® IP Data Guide

At RoyaltySource®, we maintain a database of intangible property licenses that report a royalty rate. These benchmarks are used in valuation, license negotiations, and transfer pricing assignments. Here in the RoyaltySource IP Data Guide, we will offer some insight, frequently asked questions, and proposed solutions offered over the past 20 years from RoyaltySource.
What type of agreements are included in the RoyaltySource database?
We have Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset license agreements. These intellectual property licenses relate to technology (patent, know-how, trade secret, and business method), software, trademark, trade name, brand or logo, copyright and right of publicity. We also have Franchise agreements and other Fee related agreements. The Fee agreements include: Service, Commission Sales, Management, Consultant, Representation/Agency, etc. We do not collect agreements related to mineral rights (such as gas, oil, iron, and gravel). We collect only relevant intellectual property (IP) agreements containing a clear description of the property licensed and royalty rates as a percentage of some financial bottom line.