Welcome to the RoyaltySource® IP Data Guide

At RoyaltySource®, we maintain a database of intangible property licenses that report a royalty rate. These benchmarks are used in valuation, license negotiations, and transfer pricing assignments. Here in the RoyaltySource IP Data Guide, we will offer some insight, frequently asked questions, and proposed solutions offered over the past 20 years from RoyaltySource.
Do public companies have to disclose their royalty deals?
Do public companies have to disclose their royalty deals? In the US the answer is Yes, No and Maybe.

Yes, if the license is material to a company's success. For example, if a one product company is dependent on in-licensed technology, then that license and deal economics would be reported to the public.

No, if the license is not material to a company's success.

Maybe, Disclosure of sensitive license information, with or without the deal economics, may have other benefits, all of which may have a positive or negative impact with investors. Many times the filing company releases the license, but with pensive information deleted (redacted). However, the clock begins to run on the redacted license and eventually the entire license is released, interested parties must make a special request to see the license. We track request these licenses.