Welcome to RoyaltySource® SelfServe

RoyaltySource SelfServe is a searchable online royalty rates intellectual property database comprised of technology (patent, know-how, trade secret, and business method), software, trademark, trade name, brand or logo, copyright and right of publicity licenses. In addition, we also provide franchise agreements as well as fee agreements such as agency/representation, commission sales, consultant, services agreements, etc.

    RoyaltySource SelfServe is a database of royalty rates operated by RoyaltySource®.

    We offer this option to meet the following needs of our customers:
    • Instant access anytime from anywhere in the world to an online searchable database.
    • Pay-as-you-go service—no subscription needed.

    In our product, we provide:
    • A two-tier screening process to ensure the most comprehensive database with royalty payments included for all transactions based on a percentage of some financial bottom line (such as sales, revenue, profit, etc.), without the inclusion of irrelevant records.
    • A final report in (Word and Excel format) with all selected records, featuring an abstract page.
      View Example of Abstract

    Users will also take advantage of our simple search techniques developed from over 20 years of offering our search-assisted service.

    Just simply login and start your search.

    If you do not have access to SelfServe search and you're a new customer please use Create RoyaltySource Account link
    RoyaltySource existing customers who do not yet have access please use Contact form to request SelfServe access.

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